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Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University is located between West End Ave and 21st Ave. in the neighbourhoods of West End, Midtown and Hillsboro Village. It is currently the state’s largest university. It is near Centennial Park and just a stone's throw away from The Gulch which is very popular with its students. There is currently 6,718 Student enrolled in this university. currently 86% of students live on-campus in college owned houses, only 14% live off-campus. This is a private institution and does not belong to a religious organisation, the yearly semester fees add up to $42’118. Don’t worry about the price of the tuition, at least 47% of undergraduate receive some need-based financial aid and average need-based grant award is $37,478 the average percent of needs met is 100% so you can see you get bang for your buck.

You get 8 student per 1 staff member, just under 68% of classes have fewer than 20 students while the rest have over 20 students. Vanderbilt is very well known for its humanities programs as they are what most people go there for. English, Philosophy and History are particularly the stronger subjects that stand out. Vanderbilt is big on sports, it has its own sport website to show their games and victories, with a campus that is 333 acres it has so many sporting facilities that it’s impossible to not show them off. It is currently ranked #17 in America's Best Colleges and National Universities so your grades need to be impeccable in order to enrol. The 4 year graduation rate is 87% so you know its a great place to go to in order to pursue your ambitions.     


Belmont University

Belmont University is located just Southwest of Nashville in the neighbourhoods of 12 South and of course Belmont. It is the largest Christian University in the State, and is nearby Vanderbilt University and Belmont Mansion. There are currently 4,974 students that have enrolled in this private institution and a campus size of 75 acres. Belmont University does offer on-campus housing, 52% of students live in college-owned houses while 48% live off-campus. The semester tuition fees add up to $26,130, you can apply for need-based financial aid, and roughly 54.4% of students do receive some form of financial aid, with the average grant award rounding to $7,046.

There are 14 students to every staff member, 42.9% of classes have fewer than 20 students in them while 56.1% have between 20 and 49 students in the classes. 23% of the students are enrolling in its most popular program of Arts, Entertainment and Media Management, General program while 13% are in the Nursing program. Belmont University is home to the Belmont Bruins which has sporting events from Baseball to Volleyball, you can join the varsity club which is an athletic interest group which is like the marketing side of sports or you can join the Bruin Club which is an annual fundraising group to support the school and teams  Belmont University has a 4-year graduation rate of 61% and is ranked #7 on America's best Colleges and Regional Universities (South).

David Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University is located on Belmont Blvd. in the neighbourhood of Green Hills. It is just across the road from HIllsboro High School and also the Hillsboro Corner Shopping Center so students are never without their shopping. Lipscomb University is private institution with roughly 2,675 students enrolled. The University is roughly 65 acres and offer on-campus housing that 53% of student take advantage of, 47% of students live off-campus. Lipscomb University is religiously affiliated with the Church of Christ so it is a christian community. Tuition fees for the semester is $24,654, you can apply for need-based financial aid. Roughly 68.4% receive this financial aid with an average of grant awards being $5,190.

There 13 student for every 1 staff member, 57.1% of classes have less than 20 students in them while 35.9% have between 20 and 49 students and 7% have 50 or more. Its most popular program is Business Administration and Management General with roughly 24% of its student taking this class. Following behind is Elementary Education and Teaching with 12% of its students taking this class. Lipscomb University does have a large focus on sports, it separates its sporting events into male and female sports, the sporting sector hosts and event called BAttle of the Boulevard which is a competition that duels both Lipscomb University and Belmont University in all sporting events, Lipscomb had a 12 year winning streak between 1980 and 1996.

Bethel University

Bethel University is located on Cherry Avenue in McKenzie, Tennessee, and is located near the area's general hospital and a few stores such as Superdrug and Subway. There are currently 4,474 students that have enrolled here, it does offer on-campus housing but does cost roughly $7,212, Bethel University is private institution and is affiliated with the religious group Cumberland Presbyterian so it is a Christian community within the University. The tuition fees for the semester are $13,552, however you can apply for need-based financial aid, there are no current averages on how much you will be granted so it is best that you try for yourself, the option is there.

There are a large amount of students in this University, the maximum class size is 50 students per class so it all depends on what program you are going to be studying that will depend on how many other people you will be studying with. This is a well known college of Health Science so you guarantee any program to do with Health Science such as Nursing you can guarantee you will be in a very large class. This University athletics is currently associated with the NAIA so there will be a huge range of sports that you are able to take part in, in your spare or even to study. There is no current published rank but there are plenty of reviews that show their appreciation and praise for the University.

Cumberland University

Cumberland University is located on Cumberland Drive, Lebanon in Williamson County, Tennessee. It currently has 1,247 students enrolled in this University. It is located very near the Lebanon Farmers Market so a quick grocery shop is always just around the corner. Cumberland University does offer on-campus housing, 40% of students do take advantage of the on-campus house while 60% live off-campus. It is a private institution and has affiliation with any religious groups. The semester tuition fees add up to $20,200, if that is too much of stretch for your wallet then you can apply for need-based financial aid, roughly 82.8% of students do receive some form of financial aid so you do have a high chance of getting financial aid. the average need-based scholarship or grant award is $5,545.

There are 15 students for every 1 staff member so class sizes do vary, 62.9% of classes have less than 20 students, 33.3% have between 20 and 49 students in their classes, only 3.7% have 50 or more students in classes. It is best known for its registered Nursing programs, 45% of students are studying this while Management Science is following behind with 7% of students studying it. Cumberland University is currently a member of NAIA athletic conference, so its offers a wide range of sports and athletics including wrestling, football and both male and female soccer. It has a 4 year graduation rate of 21%. When applying take into account that Cumberland University has an acceptance rate of 48.6%

Fisk University

Fisk University is located along Jefferson Street in the Fisk/Meharry neighbourhood, it is in between Downtown Nashville and Tennessee State University and is very near watkins parks and Nashville General Hospital so in an emergency situation help is not too far away. There are roughly 480 students enrolled in this University, it does offer on-campus housing, 64% of students live in on-campus housing  while 36% live off-campus. This is a private school that has no affiliation with any religious groups. The semester tuition $20,391, students can apply for need-based financial aid, roughly 90.1% received some form of financial aid so you have a high chance, the average grant award or need-based scholarship is $12,028 which will definitely help with tuition fees.

With a considerably lower student population you would expect that class sizes would be slightly smaller, and they are, 83.9% have less than 20 students in classes while 16.1% have 20 to 49 students in their classes. Its most popular programs to study are Business, Administration and Management, General with 22% of its students studying this class, Biology/Biological Sciences, General is following behind with 17% of its students studying this. Fisk University is currently a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics national organization and feature sporting events such as Basketball and Track. Fisk University currently has a rating of #145 of National Liberal Arts Colleges in the 2013 edition of Best Colleges. It has an acceptance rate of 100% and a 4 year graduation rate of 34%.

Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca Nazarene University is located along Murfreesboro Pike just outside of the Downtown area of Nashville. There are currently roughly 1,419 students enrolled in this University. The University does offer on-campus housing for men,women and even married couples. This is a private institution and belongs the Nazarene Christian group so it’s a christian community. The semester tuition adds up to $21,290, if this is way out of your budget then you can always apply for need-based financial aid, roughly 65% of students receive some form of need-based financial aid, depending on your needs of course you will be accepted to have just under half of your tuition fees paid for by the University.

Class sizes do vary, there are currently 16 students to every 1 staff member. 69.7% of classes have less than 20 students, 28.7% have between 20 and 49 students and only 1.5% have 50 students or more. This university is best known for it Business, Management, Marketing and related support services with 44% of its students studying this. Education (teaching) is following behind with 10% of its students studying this class. It is home to the TNU Trojans, there are many sporting events that students can go to. It doesn’t have football as a sporting event but it does have soccer and many other events and sports for both men and women. It has a graduation rate of 40% and has an acceptance rate of 76.7% and is currently rated as Tier 2 in Best colleges and Universities 2013 (south)  

Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University is located just outside of Downtown Nashville near Tomorrow's Hope Neighbourhood. It is very close to Fisk University and Downtown Nashville. It currently has roughly 7,105 students enrolled in this university, it currently offers on-campus housing at very prices at only $5,910 for the semester. It is a public school and is not affiliated with any religious groups, the standing price for the semester currently is $6,088, however this prices is only for in-state students, if you are studying abroad or out of state, the price is $18,616. you can apply for need-based financial aid, roughly 90.1% of students do apply, receive some form of financial aid. the average need-based grant award or scholarship is $5,296 so i'm sure you can see that it would be cheaper to be on-campus and in-state if you would like to enroll in this university.

Class sizes do vary with such a high volume of students, there are currently 14 students for every staff member, class sizes that have less than 20 students 56.6%. Classes that have 20 -49 students is 41.7% and classes that more than 50 is a small 1.7%. Tennessee State University is well known for its variety of Masters, Baccalaureate and Doctoral degrees but its most popular program is The Liberal Arts and Science / Liberal Studies, with Nursing following behind, but the combination of numerous subject is highly favoured by most students. The University does not have sport and Football is its most played sports, it makes a the largest profit margin and more money is spent on it, there are other sports to choose from such as Volleyball and Golf