Agent Technology

The Holt Real Estate Group does all the legwork to ensure an agent's career with us is jump started with incredible exposure. The great majority of our top-notch offerings are all online, system-based initiatives. These include agent websites, lead management systems, single property websites, transaction management systems, and more. Learn about several of these technology initiatives below!

Agent Website

The Holt Real Estate Group provides its agents with performance-driven and SEO-friendly microsites for its agents. This allows THREG agents to capitalize on the best in lead capture, content management, and client retention technology. 

Lead Management System

The Holt Real Estate Group uses a top of the line Lead Management System, which delivers all the tools our agents need to successfully manage their leads, increasing the conversion rate from home buyer or home seller prospects into signed clients. Our proprietary software helps us to manage and distribute leads fairly between agents, but also to monitor lead activity and searches, and to run targeted drip campaigns based on information leads provide.

Single Property Websites

The Holt Real Estate Group works to provide all agents with single property websites for their listings to showcase these listings and help them to receive exposure! Custom websites are an option, and we can work closely with agents to ensure that seller listings receive the best marketing possible.

Transaction Management System

The Holt Real Estate Group utilises a Paperless Pipeline to handle document storage and sharing, which streamlines all aspects of each real estate transaction. Paperless Pipeline allows agents to access documents from any computer, any browser, anywhere, to show up to closing without paper, to turn in paperwork by scan, email, or direct upload, to stay organized with an "Items Needed" checklist for every transaction, and even to email contracts to clients, lenders, and title companies right from the system.

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