Nashville Guaranteed Sale Program

For Homes Over 500,000

The Holt Real Estate Group Guaranteed Sale Program operates under the following general conditions!

Guaranteed SOLD or I'll Sell It For Free!

1. The property must be appraised, inspected and repaired (if necessary) at seller’s expense. The inspector and appraiser shall be selected by The Holt Real Estate Group

2. Seller agrees to pay a 8% commission on the sale.

3. Seller(s) agree to list the property at the market price determined and approved by listing agent.

4. The Holt Real Estate Group cannot guarantee the sale of any home that appraises for over $1,000,000.

5. The property must be in a location approved by The Holt Real Estate Group and the condition and appeal must meet or surpass typical buyer expectations for the area and price range.

6. Sellers agree to allow the home to be marketed and the price to be agreed upon between the seller and The Holt Real Estate Group.

7. The listing term shall be no shorter than 18 months.

8. The sellers agree to purchase a home from The Holt Real Estate Group.

9. Seller(s) must allow for “Easy Access” showings.

10. Property must be a single ­family, townhome or condominium residence. The property may not be rented or occupied by any kind of tenant at any time during the listing period.

11. Seller(s) must be current on all mortgages. You will be responsible for mortgage payments, insurance, taxes and maintenance on the property until closing.

12. Seller(s) must have equity and/or “other” funds available to successfully sell this property without engaging in any type of “short sale” situation.

13. Seller(s) agree to provide a testimonial once the property goes under contract.


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