The Holt Real Estate Group of Benchmark Realty, LLC. 

The Holt Real Estate Group is a fast-growing team of Nashville real estate agents and professionals who are all dedicated to making the world of property sales and management an efficient, east to navigate, hassle, and headache-free venture for our clients. We operate one of the best tools for Nashville property search, including access to the most current listings for Nashville homes for sale, Nashville real estate, and Nashville condos for sale.

A Dedicated Team

Our dedication to using the industry's top technology and best business protocols are what makes the Holt Real Estate Group one of the best real estate services in the middle TN area. Our goal is to give each and every one of our clients access to the tools (like our top-notch Nashville property search), technology, and expertise necessary to buy their dream homes, make savvy real estate investments, and actually walk away from home sales with a profit. Our top-tier software streamlines the entire process from their Nashville property search to sales closing, eliminating the pain and frustration of endless waiting and missed opportunities.

Working With Us

We welcome and encourage individuals with verifiable real estate experience, tenacious drive, marketing skills, and in-depth knowledge of the various Nashville communities to call our offices. We're happy to speak with you personally and privately regarding potential partnerships and hires with individuals wanting to put their real estate career on overdrive.

New Positions

Current new positions with The Holt Real Estate Group are detailed below:

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