Top Nashville Suburbs to Search Historic Homes in 2019

Posted by Prentiss Holt on Monday, December 24th, 2018 at 8:49am.

Nashville Historic Homes For SaleThinking about buying a Nashville area home in 2019 and might be leaning towards going the historic home route? Take a closer at where to search historic homes in Nashville's suburbs heading into the new year. 


Just outside of Nashville, Franklin is a great place to search historic homes in the coming year. While you’ll find some large newer construction homes in the area, you’ll also find some incredible 19th century homes in an Antebellum-style, with plenty of historic charm.


Another great place for historic homes is Brentwood. The area features some incredible homes dating back to the 1700s, meticulously restored to include both original and newer accents. You’ll also find sweeping homes dating back to the turn-of-the-century.


For mid-century moderns, take your search to Hendersonville. The suburb is a great place to find homes of this time period, plus you may also find some old renovated farmhouses in the area.


Not to be overlooked, don’t miss the historic homes of Murfreesboro. The area is a great place to search mid-century homes. It’s also possible to find some early 1900s-era homes, filled with the charm of generations past.

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