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Live on the Green in 2014 is back for a sixth year running. Luckily, this year the city has arranged for an extra city block's worth of space to be included in the event space, and there will be a three-day musical finale is back for its sixth year with plans for more space and more music. Changes to this year’s free music series include an extra city block of space as well as a three-day musical finale. The eco-friendly music festival incorporates and promotes sustainable practices and has booked artists like Alabama Shakes and Matt Nathanson in the past.

Live on the Green, for those not in the know, is a weekly evening concert series held in August at Public Square Park in the downtown area. Dates are August 14, 21, 28, and end with a full weekend of

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The first Saturday of every month this summer will be hosting Nashville's Art Crawl! Each gallery on the list will be hosting receptions or art openings, and it's not uncommon for 1,000 people to be making this monthly tour. Local and world-renowned artists are often featured on these special nights, as well as incredibly rare opportunities to see diverse exhibits featuring art in almost every genre and style. Admission is free, of course, and the festive atmosphere is a welcoming community for those new to town. Most galleries serve free wine and other refreshments. The gallery crawl is a great free night on the town! Nashville's downtown shuttle also provides a cheap option for getting from gallery to gallery during the crawl. There are streetside and

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Looking for a great spot for breakfast or early brunch in Nashville? Check out some of these great options!

Marche: Marche might be closed Mondays, but they're a great local spot both for health nuts and those who prefer much more decadent fare. From oatmeal to croissant French toast and everything in-between!

Barista Parlor: Unfortunately they don't serve a full breakfast menu, but they have a wonderful sausage biscuit that is absolutely to die for. They source the sausage through another local venue, Porter Road Butcher, which is right next door. Even better? Barista Parlor is open seven days a week.

Nashville Biscuit House: Are you one of those folks who enjoy the old-school Southern breakfast? The Nashville biscuit house is open seven days a

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Founded by Robert Hendrick and his father, Rail Yard Studios began a venture in a garage,much like many. However, Hendrick owned a small railroad construction company, whichbecame the source of his inspiration in his entrepreneur idea of crafting home furnishingsfrom salvaged remnants of the very rail yards he worked on. But before you picture therailroad tracks on the semi­truck from “Duel”, Hendrick’s craftsmanship is something you mustappreciate. He went back to earn his degree in design at Auburn University and Ohio Stateuniversity when he first started making furniture.

His products are a great blend of the modern influences that we’re so accustomed to seeingas well as maintain a rustic, often vintage style that subtly honors the railroads in which

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If you haven’t heard of the Imogene + Willie brand, that isn’t fairly uncommon, but do not underestimate its modest presence in the fashion world. There are no advertisements, not even exterior signage on their boutique doors. "We don't even have a sign outside," says Carrie Eddmenson. "It wasn't to trick anyone, we just didn't want to push it on people. Finally in the past month or so, it's been interesting to see how Nashvillians are reacting to the reaction of people outside." Imogene + Willie seems to rely on word of mouth, presence that has gained notoriety through far more well­known customers such as Gwyneth Paltrow, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons and Mike Wolfe of “American Pickers”. Not surprisingly, 80% of Imogene + Willie’s business comes from out of

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Straight out of Nashville, Josh Marx has created a highly functional bag with fine craftsmanship, all the while remaining completely sleek and stylish. “I thought I could make something better that people could hold onto for a long time, something that would be heirloom quality,” Josh explains each of his hand­made products, after even devoting research of materials and different techniques of threading. His bags are hand­stitched, held tightly together in symmetrical stitches with thick thread; when he says that his bags and other accessories are meant to be durable, clearly he means it.

You have a choice of Irish linen thread colors, handsomely crafted together that it does, and indeed looks as if you have an heirloom item already. One of the most

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Prinstant Replays is a company that hails from Nashville, Tennessee, a brand new shop that has already created a reputation for itself.

Prinstant Replays professes its love of typography maps and sports. So much so, this year with the world cup on us, they have released special t­shirts hallmarking a team’s winning play. For those who do not know what we mean, your favorite sports memory is preserved on a t­shirt, marking the steps of a perfect play. Such as the AFC Champion Ship game of 1987, where the Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway in the span of five minutes and two seconds, led his team to tie the game and then achieving a winning score, 23­20 with a field goal. It may fly over the heads of some, but for any avid sports fans, the shirts are

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Union Station Hotel is located in downtown Nashville, in a gorgeous turn­of­the­century building that is stationed right next to the restored century old rail way stationed. A perfect blend between modern convenience and with a warm, historic elegance. The building is a large, architectural piece of art, with strong Romanesque influence. In addition to a 65­foot barrel­vaulted stained glass and rare bas­relief sculptures, there are 125 uniquely styled guest rooms. The stained glass windows are Tiffany­styled, beautiful in the soft, warm glow of the sunset. The lobby atrium nodsat the history of the building as well as the former glory of railroad travel days. When they say they are a wonderful combination of modern features and old­world styles, they

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The Patterson House is a jewel for many reasons. Listed as number three on The Guardian’s list of Top Ten Bars in Nashville, the bar has a speakeasy themed, sort of speak, even the servers dressed in the attire of the decade of speakeasies. Needless to say, the interior is gorgeous, of warm hues and a classy wooden furnishings, and carefully crafted sodas that they even prepare.

It’s not just a bar, it’s a work of art. To add to the theme, this bar is not outspoken and you won’t see a sign for it until you arrive at the door. They have about 20 different bitters and syrups that they themselves make in house. The dark scene is perfect for a romantic drink, with excellent attention to detail by the staff to make a memorable evening.

But back to the

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Nashville is home to many historic neighborhoods undergoing serious booms and revivals, and East Nashville is no exception. This residential community has a low-key atmosphere and strong community focus, with many residents comparing it to residential areas of cities like Seattle or Portland. Many of the homes in East Nashville consist of a mix of eclectic antebellum buildings and craftsman style homes. East Nashville is home to two historic preservation districts in the area focused on maintaining a timeless quality to the area's buildings and homes. The area has been featured on several HGTV network shows, including "Our Place" and "Restore America".

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