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City Winery – It is marked as the fourth location by City Winery (who’s other cities include New York, Chicago, and Napa), it will be situated at the warehouse district at 609 Lafayette Street. As anyone knows, Nashville is a hotbed to music and food, so needless to say, the folks at City Winery are very confident that their model of wine, food, and music will flourish here. It will include a 300 seat concert venue, a 125 seat restaurant with private dining and an onsite wine­making facility.

Union Common – As they put it, they are a “social concept” steakhouse, featuring shared plates to patrons, as well as an extensive wine and whisky itinerary marked to be open during the summer of 2014. The brand new, upscale steak house will be opening at 1929

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It goes without saying, the 1952 classic, “Singin’ in the Rain” is adored, so widely quoted, even by those who have never seen the movie. Chances are, you've heard it one way or another, in passing or jokingly when rain seems to be pouring down. Now get this—the Nashville Symphony will be celebrating summer this year with Singin’ in the Rain, so that you can now possibly use that famous song whilst twirling on a street lamp and be content in the fact you've seen the movie! If you’re not excited, you should be. The movie will be screening inside of the large Schermerhorn Symphony Center and yes, that will be air conditioned, while the orchestra plays the whole entire movie score live.

The film is one of the most celebrated film musicals of all time from

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The year of 2014 will mark the second annual Music City Food + Wine Festival! This is where top national chefs, winemakers, and experts of spirits meet with local talent to showcase Nashville’s vibrant culinary scene, something that goes unsaid compared to other part of the country we associate food and wine with. In addition to sampling food and wine, there will be over 30 demosmand panels and over 25 restaurants proudly showcasing their food to the public, particularly visitors from out of state. There will be over 40 distinguished wines, beers, and spirit exhibitors. In addition, mixing and mingling with some of the nation’s brightest culinary stars, you can experience Nashville’s legendary music scene, all in one night.

The Music City Food + Wine

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Trisha Yearwood has called her house home since 2000, and has come to the reluctant decision to sell her 2.2 million dollar house. After consideration, she and her husband, Garth Brooks, decided to move their home base, sort of speak, to Nashville, while having another home in Oklahoma. Yearwood explains that she had not lived in it consistently for some time, having a stronger presence in Nashville, which explains her choice to sell her beautiful house. In addition to that, Brooks owns acreage north of Nashville, so the couple feel that “it doesn’t make sense to have it”.

“It is a little bittersweet for me,” Yearwood explains, “I haven’t lived in it consistently (for a while), but where I’ve been in Nashville, which is good bit, that’s where I always

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As much as Nashville is known for being the music city—particularly country—it is also reputed for a range of amazing places to eat and drink. During the warmer seasons, you may want to consider checking out some of the best patios to bask underneath the sun and experience the scenery of Nashville. When we consider how Nashville is well-known for its food, that means you will eventually run into a wide selection of several restaurants—or in this case, patios and porches. Here is a few that have been narrowed down as our favorites.

12 South Taproom

As its name suggests, 12 South Taproom for the cold beer on fresh on tap, which is a dollar off during happy hour. The selection of beers on tap is enormous, a collaboration of the team at 12 South Taproom.

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If you haven’t heard already, a new $75 million luxury apartment project is being planned for the Gulch. Broker and developer Southeast Venture has contracted to buy 1.8 acres near the corner of Eighth Avenue South and Division Street for its future development. The deal has reinvigorated attention to the Division Street area, in which property owners were looking at how their lands may be effected by a proposal to build railroad tracks and extend the road to Ash Street. To add, not all property owners are pleased with new developments in the area; some business are concerned that operations in their current area may be compromised.

But back to Southeast Venture’s plans, the site would mean easier access into both the Gulch and SoBro, where the Division

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Mortgage interest rates have been historically low and do not look like they will be rising any time soon as the Federal Reserve continues to hold it in place. As such, the market is enriched with houses on the market that are now having a closing date between May and August at 61 percent. The sooner a home hits the open market, the quicker an offer will be offered as buyers take the opportunity to take advantage of a bountiful housing market. If you are considering selling your house, there is no better time to sell than now. Sellers this summer season should be advised to scoping out their competition in the geographical area; focus on similar homes that have been sold within the past 60 days.

In this day and age, buyers have multiple ways to access

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Elder’s Bookstore is marked as the oldest bookstore in Nashville, opening its doors in 1930, as Charles Elder took a great risk in starting this establishment during the Great Depression. As we know, creating a business during these times was the opposite of what most Americans were doing to stay on their feet. Charles Elder had not only desired to share his love of books, but also his love of history, not knowing that his bookstore would become a part of Nashville’s history itself. Today in the 21st Bookstore specializes in hard to find books, as well as a premier dealer in 20th United States.

Address: 2115 Elliston Place, Nashville, TN 37203


  • Monday – Saturday: 10:00am to 3:00pm
  • Sunday: closed


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Biscuit Love Truck

Yes, it has an odd name, but it is still an amazing brunch regardless and worth checking out – and, no, not just because of the name. It is, indeed, a labor of love; Karl and Sarah Worley tenderly make scratch-made biscuit sandwiches. Every Sunday outside of White’s Mercantile, you can find them offering up good, old fashioned southern inspired sandwiches with either homemade sausage gravy to fried chicken. Biscuit Love Truck is committed to sourcing locally and giving back to their community. Order anything with peaches as the season gets into full swing.

What you should order is the “Princess” with hot chicken, including local honey and house made pickles are used in the sandwich.

Hours: Sunday 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. 2908 12th Ave S,

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East Nashville

Nashville is home to many historic neighborhoods undergoing serious booms and revivals, and East Nashville is no exception. This residential community has a low-key atmosphere and strong community focus, with many residents comparing it to residential areas of cities like Seattle or Portland. Many of the homes in East Nashville consist of a mix of eclectic antebellum buildings and craftsman style homes. East Nashville is home to two historic preservation districts in the area focused on maintaining a timeless quality to the area's buildings and homes. The area has been featured on several HGTV network shows, including "Our Place" and "Restore America".

East Nashville's creative and eclectic vibe has attracted many artists, musicians, and

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