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Nashville's leadership had drawn up plans for a new courthouse months ago, which has been put off once already, pending funds. Now the substantial project may be put off one more time, as the Dec. 11 deadline for the budget. The House and Senate must make a decision by then not just on the future of the courthouse project, which is set to cost a staggering $181 million over the course of a long construction deadline, but on other fiscal matters to avoid a federal government shutdown. Unfortunately, the current impasse is so strong that tensions are running high regarding potential agreements.

The long-delayed Nashville courthouse plan would set the new building along Church Street between the intersections of Eighth Ave and Seventh Ave. Interestingly,

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So its gift giving time this season. All the way from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Most of you already have your family and your friends taken care of but what about those of you whom have roommates? What do you do for them? Say you share a apartment, or a dorm room or better yet a house with a few of your roommates, how do you handle it? well here are a few rules of engagement:


Well the first question that comes about is am I going to get my roommate anything for the holidays? Sometimes there is not as much synergy as there is with close friend sand family. Or you may feel that you want to get your roommate something for sharing your best times and worst, whatever the case is discuss this amongst the…
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Just a little bit of tidying everyday will not only save you long day cleaning services, it also prepares you for company at a moments notice.

This that follow this path don’t spend hours scrubbing their homes,if you follow these tips you won’t either. They are as follows:  


Most mother already know this, but baby wipes may be used beyond a baby's bottom. Using them to wipe up the spills, removing stains from upholstery, and to wipe down surfaces daily.  


Like some of us the mail, magazines, and loose page just pile up by the kitchen sink on on a nightstand, etc. In order to keep organization, file the “junk mail” in the trash, bills in the appropriate  file folders, and display your…
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Considering purchasing? Don’t let your holidays spending and giving check you off the list of buying.

Giving gifts is a wonderful thing during the holidays, but if your buying a home or house hunting, know that you will need to be extra vigilant about the spending your doing for the holidays.  


It is so easy when you at the cash register to entertain the idea of opening a store shopping card. However opening this new line of credit requires a hard credit inquiry, one that could ding your score.   In addition to the dinging of your score, it can impact your debt to income ratios that may already be tight, just the smallest of changes an exclude you from a qualification.  


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OK so I get asked this a lot. With a disclaimer, I will say…the mortgage calculator is close enough for government work..but to get precise accurate numbers ask your lender. A handy web tool like a mortgage calculator will help you figure out some of the important logistics when considering buying vs renting. So here are the 5 most commonly asked.


Rent vs Mortgage can be very tricky, and online calculators don’t always tell the whole truth. when searching fro a tool that can assist, search high and low, do your research and know just what to tool is offering. make sure it is the real deal!!!


Simply by using a amortization schedule will tell you just how long you will have to pay PMI. Just for

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Everyone who's wanting to put their home up on the market has a massive laundry list of to-do items to help get their home ready for selling days: but there are a few handy tips and tricks to make sure any home appeals to seasoned or first-time home buyers. Increasingly, Millennials and Generation X individuals are those purchasing homes, and they often have a specific set of preferences on their checklist. 

In fact, by 2018, according to a 2015 study, as many as 72 percent of those purchasing homes will be of the younger generations: between 18 and 34. 

And what 5 top-of-the-list items can help you appeal to those markets? Read on!

Having a Deck or Entertaining Space In The Back Yard

Entertaining space is one of the many highest priority

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The term starter him has been used for along time. What is a starter home? well is a home that can ease the transition from an apartment to a home in the suburbs.

Adulthood? Who’s said that would be fun? Well buying a home can propel you far into adulthood for many reasons. Buying a “starter home” can enable you to start from point A to get to point B. This home will more than lkely NOT be your “forever home”. What makes a first time home a great home? Here are some points to know:


Many think they know all the cost when it comes to home maintenance and homeownership, but sadly enough they do NOT. Don’t be surprised upon buying a home that within the first 6 months you will get gut checked but a extra expense you didn’t see

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The countdown to turkey day has come upon us so fast. Thanksgiving’s arrival has so many of us turning back the scales, looking for pants in the closet that have elastic waistbands, etc. But one sure thing is this holiday is all about giving thanks and spending the day with loves ones far and near. With that comes the unfortunate of cooking can cause fires during the holidays, and fires cause deaths or property loss, so here are some suggestions during the holidays.


Thanksgiving day and cooking for all is the holiday pinnacle for house fires, accounting for about three times as many fires in any part of the year. Each year between 2010 and 2013 Thanksgiving day procured as many as 2100 residential fires resulting in millions  of…
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When its time to move to a smaller home, here are some tips that will make that process much more seamless and manageable. Moving is always bittersweet moment for everyone and every family. One minute you are excited and the next you are sad relishing over so many memories. well downsizing is even tougher and certainly adds to that emotional roller coaster.

Lets not look at downsizing as a nuisance, lets take it by the arm and embellish it. Look at it as a home cleanse. Here are a few steps that will help you moving forward.



First start by taking a nice stroll and visit the new place and measure the size of your storage space. By doing this it will give you a metric of just how much you have available to save and store. After

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If you're planning to sell your home, you probably already know that curb appeal reigns supreme when it comes to setting yourself apart from the competition. So many homebuyers to day do drive by home inspections before ever meeting with their realtor to set up showings based off what they visibly saw. That said it makes perfect sense to make sure your curb appeal is stellar and superior to others.

Brightening Your Home’s Exterior

Like most sellers you have taken the advise of your Real Estate Expert and washed or painted the exterior of your home, and clean up your landscaping. You have cleaned your windows, even planted more color to create that warm inviting feel when driving by.   This said you might be surprised how much curb appeal you…
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