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A new Westhaven condo complex is meeting many of the amenity needs of those in the area, including maintenance-free living, convenience to local shops and restaurants, and plenty of space. But condo living is popular with more than just the younger generation! Condos and townhomes are also popular with middle-aged couples looking to downsize to save costs as they approach retirement. The new complex is the the Gateway Village in Cool Springs, which provides homes of roughly 1,400 square feet and larger, all on one level: which is ideal for older homeowners. And he, like many others, enjoy the idea of not having to take care of yard work or building maintenance. And this thought is true of many homeowners searching for homes in fall: fall and winter

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Anyone else heard of True Food Kitchen? It's a nutrient and health-conscious chain which serves an anti-inflammatory diet which pairs great flavors with interesting foods in gluten free, vegetarian, and even vegan options. Kale, quinoa, and acai lovers rejoice! It's coming to Nashville. The Arizona-based dining concept will open its first Nashville location in 2017 in Green Hills. According to press releases at the Tennessean, the restaurant is planned to have as much as 6,500 square feet of dining space at the intersection between Richard Jones Rd and Hillsboro Pike.

A new 17 story mixed use development has only just the one tenant confirmed, though there's reportedly roughly another 10,000 feet of square space available for another restaurant. The

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The Stock-Yard property project has just gotten the additional parcels needed to move forward to completion, to the tune of $1.2 million dollars! The parcels, at Third Ave, were purchased by Spectrum Residential, a developer based in North Carolina which plans to turn the 4 acres into a 310 unit mixed use residential community. One of the lots purchased used to belong to the Chromemaster auto repair shop, a local favorite. The former Stock-Yard lot was 3.3 acres, and had been purchased for the whopping sum of $8.3 million.

The design review committee at the Metro Development and Housing Agency approved the revised plan for the community last week, which include putting apartment units in the former restaurant space. The space itself is eligible for

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Dozens of businesses have been moving to Nashville in the past short while, a fact which has contributed to the city's population explosion. But locals might enjoy hearing that another big company has just declared a move: a major international tire manufacturer headquartered in China has recently released statements saying they intend to open their North American HQ in Franklin, TN. Not only will this help bring jobs to the market locally, but may effect the local housing market as employees move into the area. 

But more related to real estate?

Both buyers and sellers of homes in winter should begin gearing up for a longer wait to buy or sell homes, as new mortgage rules and regulations come into effect! On October 03, the CFPB released changes to

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Green Hills has always been a popular Nashville neighborhood, but new construction homes in the area can be hard to come by. According to a Tennesseean article, however, more homes may be coming to the area! Four tracts have recently been purchased for approximately 2 million dollars. In total, these lots represent an acre and a half, which according to the release, will soon be covered by ten single family homes for infill development. 

According to the release, these homes will be two stories, priced in the $600,000 to the $700,000 mark. Construction is slated to begin soon, with completion of the first six homes to befinished by spring of next year. And for the price? Three bedrooms with 2.5 baths, and another round with three bedrooms and 3.5

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Around 26 minutes is the length of the average commute to work in the Nashville region. But in Nashville and elsewhere, more and more homeowners are looking for housing solutions which dramatically reduce that half-hour to something more like... about 26 seconds. More and more families are moving into live-work town homes in desirable communities. As urban lifestyles change, and as more people begin their own businesses, the old trend is making a big come back. In one of these, the live-work town homes include businesses like a real estate office, insurance agency, and chiropractic clinic. 

Regent Homes has built such homes in Westhaven and Berry Farms in Franklin, but according to the developers, they plan more. And Core Development in Nashville plans

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The Nashville real estate market has been advancing by leaps and bounds for the last several years, but experts say that the city may be on-track for a record year as far as office space investments are concerned! For example, so far in 2015, according to analytics gathered by the Tennesseean, roughly $550 of buildings have changed hands.

Last year? That number totalled approximately $430 million. Data so far has been collected and analyzed byReal Capital Analytics, a real estate research firm based in New York: and they got their numbers by tracking portfolios valued at roughly 2.5 million dollars or more. And their data shows that over the last three years (since 2012) the majority of office investing sales all happen during the year's last

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If there was ever a time to buy a home, it’s now. Nashville is a very popular location amongst millennials. With top schools and an attractive downtown scene, young people are driven to the area. With expanding employment, a booming economy, and increasing population, everything from health services to tourism has thrived.

Single-family homes have a median price of $206,000, which is $17,000 more than the year prior, which is great for seller. The median condo price is $163,125. This is down from 2014’s median price of $165,000, which is great for buyers. Nashville’s population is growing faster than just about any other city. With the thriving economy adding jobs left and right, it’s no wonder people are flocking here.

With the strong market,

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Another apartment complex is rising, this time in North Nashville! A large complex, purportedly approved for 54 units, was planned by the Nashville Metro Development and Housing Agency. What does that mean? One can expect income restrictions on renters for the units, as with all other Nashville Metro Housing. This is just one more step made in the local affordable housing market since Nashville recently changed rules and regulations, requiring that vacation rentals (such as those for AirBnB) receive an annual paid license. According to press releases, income from those licenses is used to fund local affordable housing initiatives. In terms of the complex, which is located at the intersection of 10th and Jefferson, it was also co-paid with a $7.8 million

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After purchasing a home, there are still other expenditures lying in wait for anyone who owns a piece of property. Purchasing furnishings, for example. Paying for utilities or property taxes. Regular maintenance is often more expensive than many new home owners anticipate. But don't despair! There are several great ways to save on home ownership costs. 

Even after locking in your mortgage, you can save on interest! For example, paying half of your mortgage payment every two weeks can cut down on the amount of interest accrued over the life of your mortgage. You can also save by cutting back on time left on your mortgage (paying more of your mortgage earlier) or refinancing to a lesser-year mortgage. 

How much energy does your home use? Or... waste?

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