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The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University recently released a fantastic study concerning Americans' relationship with real estate in the years following the Great Recession and housing bust! 

What the study found, in short, was that continuing lack of jobs, debt (both student loans and more traditional debt), and slow income growth, nationalls home sales are lagging at near historic lows. Homeownership in the U.S., according to this "State of the Nation's Housing" report, is only at roughly 65%... a historic low not since since 1993. More than 20 years.

But Is That the Whole Picture?

However, the study also goes on to say that as recently as this past month, first time buyers are beginning to re-enter the market. This is driven

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 There's almost nothing more frustrating than looking for the perfect home on-line, falling in love, and then realizing that the home is under contract. What does under contract mean, and why do websites display contracted listings? There are several answers.

How Can I See Contracted Listings?

It is unfortunate but true that many national real estate websites (such as Trulia and Zillow) generally do not display up-to-date information. In fact, some data can be weeks, months, or years old... but still be available on these websites to attract more visitors. This is why it is important to do home searching on a reputable real estate agent or brokerage's website: often, these websites are constructed to be most beneficial to the searcher, not the

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Guess who's searching for smaller, more efficient, more economical homes? Millenials! 

A January press release published by the NAHB reported that millenials searching for single family homes are searching for an interesting mix of things, including smaller and more affordable homes... but also for homes with some interesting inclusions. Like separate laundry rooms.

What's the Scoop?

The report also concluded that millenials are prone to searching for homes with Energy Star certifications, lots of additional storage space, and homes build to accomodate modern technology in the living space. Low-maintenance homes are big on the list of wants, as millenials as a generation seem to have less disposable income.

Millenials are more likely to

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Mad Men is a hit show featuring midcentury styles and the suave mannerisms of protagonist Don Draper: a smooth-talking New York marketing exec with a storied past. Now, the home used to portray his upstate residence is for sale! Since the beginning of the series, two other homes featured on the show have also been listed.

The Home Itself

 The 1914 Colonial was filmed most during the pilot, and features 6 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, tiled and wallpapered bathrooms, and manicured lawns. It also features exposed brick fireplaces, built-in cabinets and bookcases, high ceilings, a wide staircase, and dozens of other luxury amenities. 

Located in New Rochelle, the neighborhood has power lines behind the homes, wide sidewalks, and picture-perfect beauty

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H.G. Hill Realty has completed work in Green Hills, Hillsboro Village, 12 South, Belle Meade, 100 Oaks, and even Charlotte Avenue. And now they've gone on record saying they're starting their biggest project yet: a development which they believe will become the 'town center' of Brentwood. The groundbreaking ceremony occurred this last Tuesday. 

The Price

In interviews, the developer has released that they will be asking $34 per square foot as rent for office space. Despite this hefty price tag, Brentwood offers an extreme shortage of office space to local businesses. As Brentwood now tops over 40,000 local residents, this price, though high, may be just what the area needs.

The Space

According to reports, the space (once planned to also offer

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How do you find hidden gems in any market? How do you find the best values when there's a lot of competition? We're going to dispell some myths about the Nashville home search and give you the best information to get the best home for your money, whether it's a buyer or seller's market. Often it happens that you can find an amazing steal even in a seller's market.

What Not to Do

Don't keep an eye out for recently reduced properties! Markdowns are great at department stores: but in real estate, they're a sure sign that the subject property likely started out overpriced. A reduction doesn't always mean that it's come down to what the market will bear. Also, it's important to keep a cool head during the process. Pretend you're a financial manager, if

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As stressful as moving to a new home is for you, it's even more stressful on a pet! They don't understand what's going on, and are often stressed by all of the packing and environmental changes which preceed the move itself. But the Director of the ASPCA has publicly suggested several actions one can take to both help de-stress a pet during a move. We'll summarize them for you!

Visit the Area!

First, try to take your pet to visit the new place before moving day. If you have a dog, walk them around the area as often as you can affort to help them acclimatize. That way, on a stressful moving day, it won't be the first time they have been exposed to a new environment and all the 'new place' stressors are significantly lowered. Dogs often do best with a

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Titles are only issued after a very thorough examination of public records and copies of formal documents. But even after exhaustive searches, some hazards can still crop up to plague a title... and therefore, a closing. Some titles may even have problems which cannot even be disclosed on a basic title search.

This is why we recommend title insurance.

Common Problems

Common title problems can include false impersonation of the property's true owner, forged deeds and wills, missing or undisclosed heirs to the property, improper power of attorney, mistakes in recorded legal papers, misinterpretation of wills, leins, overdue taxes, and other kinds of fraud. How does title insurance manage to protect against all these things?

Simple! Title

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Escrow is one of the most important parts of a home closing! If you're a first time home buyer in Nashville, you may have wondered just what the heck each party does during a home closing's escrow period. We're here to tell you!

What Does the Seller Do?

The seller will deposit an executed deed with the escrow holder. The seller will deposit any evidence of repair work, pest inspections, and etc. with the escrowholder. They will also deposit any other necessary documents, including insurance policies, information on any mortgage holders,tax receipts, appliance warranties.

What Does the Buyer Do?

The buyer deposits any funds to pay the purchase price and leaves them withthe escrow holder, as well as proof of home and title insurance. Theey will

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Each Vandalia cottage offers luxury finishes, old world charm, a lack of lawn maintenance, and beautifully manicured gardens. The best part? It's just a short distance to Franklin's historic Main Street! This was some of Franklin's hottest real estate.

Seventeen homes in total, the Vandalia cottages have prices between the high $200,000s and the low $400,000s. Custom-built, they feature up to 1805 square feet, and each home surrounds a central manicured courtyard. Nestled into Franklin's historic district, each home strives to keep that outward aesthetic, while offering luxury within. Chef grade appliances, for example, gas laterns, reclaimed antique front doors, hardwoords... a truly luxe experience. 

The Vandalia cottages are all sold; but if

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