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For many Nashville residents, putting up their Nashville home or condo to rent for vacationing families in the area means more family vacations and other perks for her own family. In some cases, the earnings from vacation rentals can be significant enough to represent a second income, and many who do so are even looking at investing in condos in other areas. Nashville's growing vacation rental market, which caters to short-term renters, has seen 1,200 permits issued since the city started accepting applications six months ago. New regulations require registration.

It's no secret that Nashville is a hot travel destination, and tight supply of hotel beds, as well as high hotel costs, have created a high percentage of vacationers looking for alternatives.

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Nashville's downtown area is hot, even in winter, real estate's slowest season! According to recent reports, rental occupancy in the area is over 90 percent, and condos for sale never last long. Upward mobile individuals and families who love being in walkable neighborhoods and a short walk from all the fun of parks, restaurants, entertainment, and nightlife make downtown a much-desired area. Those who've lived in Nashville long enough have been witness to its amazing transformation from a large industrial park of mills, warehouses, and offices into a mecca of mixed-use buildings which have grown it into a true heart of the city.

Concerned about the style of a condo? Don't be! Downtown Nashville offers all kinds of condos. Converted brick warehouses

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Vanderbilt University is one of the cornerstones of inner Nashville, and dominates several neighborhoods. A unique pedestrian-centric culture has grown up in areas abutting Vanderbilt, and as the university has grown in popularity, so has its impact on the communities around it. In response to this surge in popularity, Vanderbilt has been refurbishing many of its buildings, and adding buildings to existing space on both its campus and its medical center. But lately, news is that Vanderbilt's footprint is expanding outwards.

In a recent article in the Tennessean, Vanderbilt was noted as expanding into 21,000 additional square feet of office space as soon as Dec. 1. The space will be leased inside a building at 2525 West End, a building where the

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Madison Mill was discussed in a recent post, and is a new development planned for the Sylvan Park area. Initiated by Stonehenge Real Estate Group is purportedly considering seven single family style homes and up to 550 apartment units for rent.

Stonehenge Real Estate Group is eyeing 550 apartment units and seven single-family homes for the Madison Mill Lofts residential project the developer plans in Sylvan Park. The seven single family homes are all slated to be two-story, and the developer has already released likely rental data for the planned apartment community. According to a Tennesseean article, monthly rents for the apartments are expected to start at $1,000 for studios, $1,300 for one-bedroom units and $2,000 for the two-bedroom units. The

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As they finally settle into stable jobs, find their niche, many millennials are looking to capitalize on the American dream: and enter the housing market. They're returning to the market in droves, assisted by a strong job market and stabilizing economy. And many studies have been done trying to pinpoint and analyze precisely what it is they're after. Modern finishings? Energy efficiency?

More and more, surveys are indicating that millennial home buyers are hunting for homes in walkable communities. Carless living is high on the desires list of millennials, and more and more are wanting to live in places where they need a car as little as possible, and can be walking distance to entertainment, shopping, groceries, and work. It's not just about the

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North Nashville has become an area with increasing interest, boasting a lot of recent development (relatively speaking) including the Farmers' Market, the Sounds ballpark, and in-progress developments. Builders and home buyers are all taking notice, and building has been put into place to start increasing this revitalization to bridge North Nashville with Salemtown and Germantown, which extend from the Cumberland to Rosa Parks. 

The rush of more people moving into Nashville has increased the demand for homes near the city center, and developers have been stepping up to the plate to fill demand everywhere they can. Traditionally, both the Gulch and North Nashville were once primarily industrial areas, but as housing costs rise, many owners of old

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If you're having a home inspection done, you should always plan to be with the home inspector during the walk through. Before your inspection look over the interior and exterior of the property for potential problems and areas you would like the inspector to review carefully, such as dark spots in the basement or underneath the bathroom sinks that could be water damage. Depending on the rules in your area, the seller may be required to disclose known defects in the home. Ask your real estate agent and even the neighbors if they know about any issues with that house or others in the community — such as basements that flood.

While your inspector is looking for major issues such as a foundation problem, a leaky roof or mold, you should also use the hours

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According to a recent article in the Tennesseean, there may be some brewing density woes in the Sylvan Park area of Nashville. According to the article, a Metro Board of Zoning Appeals hearing will determine if a 6/10 of an acre retail area can be rezoned residential for the building of 16 single family homes in the brownstone style. The lot, at 4424 Westlawn, is contracted to sell to developers wanting to build the homes. Though currently zoned retail, if no retail business crops up on the spot within 20 months, then the zoning would revert to its base zoning...

Which calls for only three residential homes. Individuals from the community, and in particular many home owners, don't want the population and home density to increase. The neighborhood

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When you upgrade and do even minor renovations, you’re likely to attract buyers who are looking for a home to live in for a while. They tend to like when the home is move-in ready with upgrades. When a home isn’t kept up, you often attract buyers who are real estate investors and are planning to flip the property. So because they often expect to have to put some cash into to fix it up, they will strive to get a lower price for the home because they have to clean up, repair, and renovate it in order to make a profit.

If there are several homes for sale in your neighborhood and little distinction between yours and the others listed, some custom upgrades and features may likely help sell your home faster than the others. The new amenities can help attract

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The weather and holidays may deter you from house hunting in Nashville during cooler months, but this is actually a great time to start looking for your next home! While inventory is usually lower in the fall and winter, fewer people are house hunting – and that can work to your advantage, especially given how tight the housing market in Nashville has been this summer. Fewer buyers means fewer offers, so you may be able to score a home for less than you would in warmer seasons. 

A good tip is to start looking for a home online. Avoid sites like Trulia and Zillow, which often don't have the most up-to-date data, and instead look for agent or brokerage sites which allow you to tailor your search to specific criteria such as price, number of bedrooms and

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