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Back in December, some members of the House of Representatives brought a bill to the floor which might help first time homeowners secure a mortgage... even if they have a terrible credit score! It's not a law yet... but it might become one! Without going into all the legislative details, what it will effectively do is allow mortgage companies and government-backed lending institutions to consider credit score variations other than the FICO model. 

The argument is that the FICO model is unfair to many groups of people, including low-income families, first-time home buyers, and minorities, in part because it relies upon data now two decades old. So, it would open up the floor for companies to use other models to approve home buyers, and to also make

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There are a lot of ways your home can pose a fire hazard; and the risk isn't as small as you think! According to data released by the Department of Homeland Security, every year in the U.S. home fires cause the deaths of over 2,500 people, and result in over 7 billion dollars in lost property. Even worse? Newer homes are often more flammable than older ones, as the furniture and items in them can ignite faster thanks to all their synthetic materials. And synthetic, flammable materials are everywhere: drapes, sofas, carpet, upholstry stuffing. And the open floorplans we love so much contribute to a fire's ability to spread easily.

Luckily, there are a few easy tricks to help not just reduce the likelihood of a home fire, but to reduce its ability to

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You're ready to start home searching, but that means you need to look for a home loan! You could always consider going to the bank, and many people feel that having all of their banking and financial services done by one institution can save time and headache. There are pros and cons to each option, not all of which are immediately obvious. 

Sticking With Your Bank

Believe it or not, for some people, it's a little easier to manage their monthly finances and their budget, and sticking with their regular bank can help them keep track! Also, since it's the same institution, sometimes they can do automatic withdrawals and other small perks to make managing your money easier.

But there are downsides! For example, the individual you're working with at

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A lot of people care more and more about beautiful, natural-feeling lighting. And given that there are a great deal of older homes for sale in Nashville, it can be hard to buy a home which comes with fantastic lighting unless you're willing to start paying in the 'luxury' end of the price range. And believe it or not, it's very easy to upgrade lighting from 'uninteresting' to 'wow factor'. Instead of going through a lot of trial and error to find the perfect lighting and fixtures for your home, we've got some great tips and tricks for you! 

Get Lighting For the Room's Layout

Think like a designer when you're considering the lighting in your room! If it's a large room, for example, with well-spaced outlets, consider beautiful floorlamps to accent the

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A new brewery is opening in Nashville; the Bearded Iris Brewing Co! Opening in Germantown alongside other great staples of the Nashville restaurant scene, like Rolf and Daughters and Germantown Cafe. The name is a gentle nod to Tennessee culture; most folks don't know that it's the state flower! 

With several brews already available, it's clear to see that the proprietors have a big passion for the heritage and art of beer making. Relying on a great deal of old world brewing practices imported from France, Germany, Belgium, and other esteemed beer-producing countries, you can count on the fact that their flavors will be nuanced and interesting.

The brewery has plans to collaborate with other local Nashville restaurants, and has sought out

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Technology has advanced, and reinvented so much of what we as professionals do on a regular basis regarding real estate. It has taken the simple cell phone and made it a necessity, not a luxury. For some, it is a positive and for others its not. But what is great in our industry is that the Mortgage Process is finally bringing overhauled.

Will it be 100%, well lets talk about that.

Two of the biggest misconceptions in the mortgage business is can it be digital, can it simply be the push of a button, and will the documentation be limited of fast tracked to improvise on time delays.

Like most things digital, when you do it, it requires the push of a button or two. However, the mortgage process is still quiet a bit different. Documentation and

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Everyone knows that adding big upgrades and renovations to their home can be a gamble; expensive kitchen renovations or updates might look very dated in 5 or 10 years, or just be counter-intuitive to the new styles. But believe it or not, there are some relatively small and simple upgrades which any homeowner can make to their home which can translate into substantial boosts to their equity... and which don't run the risk (or the cost) of major renovations. Most of these upgrades run less than $1,000, but can be notable enough to really wow potential buyers, or help your home stack up better against competition. 

Water Filtration

With many cities now experiencing water quality issues, in a day and age where more and more people are concerned with

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Uncovering the slightly hidden products defined by a homeowners worst nightmare. You do not have to have the “eye” to uncover those nightmares in your new home.

So the time has come and you have found the perfect house, so it offer time. Soon your signing on the dotted line and setting up your movers and then the wheels loose traction. I want to share with you 5 things sellers most commonly try and hide during the sales process.


Faucets, drains, pipes, ceilings, roofs, etc - you name it, realtors, brokers, sellers, just might try to deflect this by temporarily plugging that drip to attract the your offer. Let me tell you being honest is the simple and safest measure. Some minor home issues are very common these days and will becomes an

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Some people might feel comfortable with their ability to market and haggle, and make the big leap to go FSBO with their home; and unfortunately, the majority of these find out too late that selling a home is a lot more complicated, say, than selling a car, with a lot more legalities at stake. So the choice to go FSBO can be an incredibly costly one...

Especially when an FSBO seller is sitting across the table from a seasoned agent, who knows how to wrangle the logistics and paperwork involved. And most agents aren't emotional about the sale either, and have enough less at stake that they can make the cutting decisions they need to.

Wrong On The First Step: Pricing

Not many FSBO sellers take the time to study the market enough to find realistic

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These days, the market for real estate in Nashville has grown very tight, and it's not uncommon to get into a bidding war for a prime property. And some buyers are able to whip out all-cash offers, leaving traditional home buyers wondering how to compete! In these cases, what can you do to stand out?

Well, the good news is that there's always hope! Often all-cash offers come in at a low price point, making more reasonable traditional offers a little more appealing, and sometimes revealing a bit of personality to attached sellers can make a big difference. So, here are some tips and tricks for coming out on top in bidding wars!

Bring Out the Big Guns

Often, offering more money is the most traditional way to win a bidding war; but that doesn't

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