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Do you just wake up and wonder where one of the best brunch spots in Nashville are? Well certainly don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. More often than not, many of us get together and ask “ Where can we all get Brunch today?” And the simple answer is always..”We don’t know off the top of our head”. We let THREG add a little extra something to your life for this coming Sunday Morning..attached you find a list of what our agents think are some of the best Brunch eats in Nashville. We certainly hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Oh, and if you see one of our Agents having brunch, stop by and say Hello we would love to share a Bloody Mary, or Mimosa with you, compliments of THREG.


Nashville has become a city full of culinary talent providing locals

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What’s an escape Game? The Escape Game is a new, fun, entertaining way gather small groups to endeavor into the real life adventures of a game. Collectively, you have to think, participate, and enjoy the fun that comes with cracking codes, and solving issues to escape, in 60 minutes or less. Do you have what it takes?

Drawn by Games? Enthusiast, Family/Friends,Companies/Team Retreats, and Tourist/Travelers, these games can and will be the most exciting 60 minutes or less of your life. One of the best ways in life to make memories is to do so by thinking outside the box. The Escape game provides to you the sophisticated, high-level game that will even challenge the most hardcore thinker, gamer,etc.

Each of the themed escape rooms are immersive

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Nashville fireworksYou aren't named one of the best July 4th celebrations in the country without a seriously over-the-top fireworks show. Every year Nashville goes bigger and better and this year is no exception. The 2015 July 4th fireworks show will be the largest in the country and will have the crowd ooohhing and aaahhing in unison. But what really puts it over the top is the Grammy award winning Nashville Symphony's original medley of songs performed live and perfectly choreographed to the fireworks spectacular - the largest in Nashville's history!

Why wait? Bring the family, bring the neighbors, bring your friends, bring yourself to the largest fireworks show in the country and see for yourself why the American Pyrotechnics Association named Nashville one of the

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Americans are becoming more optimistic about the economy, but Consumer Confidence toward the housing market is lagging as a whole. Likely bolstered by a strengthening employment sector, the share of consumers who believe the economy is headed in the right direction improved by 5 percentage points to 41 percent. Those citing that the economy is heading in the wrong direction declined to 51 percent, the sixth consecutive monthly decrease. However, although the share of respondents who think it would be easy to get a mortgage today increased to 52 percent, despite the small spike in interest rates, the share who say their household income is significantly higher than it was 12 months ago has remained flat at 25 percent. 

“Despite consistent and robust job

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Sometimes it can be a challenge convincing the home seller to use a certified staging professional so I created some visuals using the latest, 2014-2015 statistics to assist agents in getting the point across to their clients. Professional home staging is not only for homes that are a “mess” but it also makes a huge difference in the selling price for homes that are “typical”.

Nashville home staging

In fact, statistics show that it doesn’t matter whether the home is vacant, occupied, a fixer or a beauty — when a certified staging professional gets a hold of it, an average 10 percent better sales price can be expected!

Nashville home staging

Sellers can be nervous that the stager is going to tell them to make expensive improvements to the home, but the reality is that only improvements

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The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University recently released a fantastic study concerning Americans' relationship with real estate in the years following the Great Recession and housing bust! 

What the study found, in short, was that continuing lack of jobs, debt (both student loans and more traditional debt), and slow income growth, nationalls home sales are lagging at near historic lows. Homeownership in the U.S., according to this "State of the Nation's Housing" report, is only at roughly 65%... a historic low not since since 1993. More than 20 years.

But Is That the Whole Picture?

However, the study also goes on to say that as recently as this past month, first time buyers are beginning to re-enter the market. This is driven

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 There's almost nothing more frustrating than looking for the perfect home on-line, falling in love, and then realizing that the home is under contract. What does under contract mean, and why do websites display contracted listings? There are several answers.

How Can I See Contracted Listings?

It is unfortunate but true that many national real estate websites (such as Trulia and Zillow) generally do not display up-to-date information. In fact, some data can be weeks, months, or years old... but still be available on these websites to attract more visitors. This is why it is important to do home searching on a reputable real estate agent or brokerage's website: often, these websites are constructed to be most beneficial to the searcher, not the

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Guess who's searching for smaller, more efficient, more economical homes? Millenials! 

A January press release published by the NAHB reported that millenials searching for single family homes are searching for an interesting mix of things, including smaller and more affordable homes... but also for homes with some interesting inclusions. Like separate laundry rooms.

What's the Scoop?

The report also concluded that millenials are prone to searching for homes with Energy Star certifications, lots of additional storage space, and homes build to accomodate modern technology in the living space. Low-maintenance homes are big on the list of wants, as millenials as a generation seem to have less disposable income.

Millenials are more likely to

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Mad Men is a hit show featuring midcentury styles and the suave mannerisms of protagonist Don Draper: a smooth-talking New York marketing exec with a storied past. Now, the home used to portray his upstate residence is for sale! Since the beginning of the series, two other homes featured on the show have also been listed.

The Home Itself

 The 1914 Colonial was filmed most during the pilot, and features 6 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, tiled and wallpapered bathrooms, and manicured lawns. It also features exposed brick fireplaces, built-in cabinets and bookcases, high ceilings, a wide staircase, and dozens of other luxury amenities. 

Located in New Rochelle, the neighborhood has power lines behind the homes, wide sidewalks, and picture-perfect beauty

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H.G. Hill Realty has completed work in Green Hills, Hillsboro Village, 12 South, Belle Meade, 100 Oaks, and even Charlotte Avenue. And now they've gone on record saying they're starting their biggest project yet: a development which they believe will become the 'town center' of Brentwood. The groundbreaking ceremony occurred this last Tuesday. 

The Price

In interviews, the developer has released that they will be asking $34 per square foot as rent for office space. Despite this hefty price tag, Brentwood offers an extreme shortage of office space to local businesses. As Brentwood now tops over 40,000 local residents, this price, though high, may be just what the area needs.

The Space

According to reports, the space (once planned to also offer

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