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Roxy Theatre NashvilleAlthough the charming little neighborhood of McFerrin Park has been a bit slower to develop than many of its neighboring communities, it’s quickly becoming a more popular destination for young and entry-level home buyers to consider in today’s crazy Nashville real estate market. All throughout McFerrin Park you’ll find a pleasant mix of independent bars, restaurants, and specialty shops, while residential development is also starting to pick up steam in the area as more locals are beginning to recognize the neighborhood’s huge potential. 

As you might recall, McFerrin Park is also home to the historic and long-vacant Roxy Theater, which was just recently labeled one of Nashville’s most endangered historic buildings. According to recent reports,

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Wedgewood-Houston Real EstateA Nashville developer is proposing a dynamic new residential project that would bring 90 units to the city’s up-and-coming Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood if approved. But unlike your standard multi-unit complex, FMBC Investments is hoping to implement a rather unique design into the fold, ultimately building the new complex using repurposed shipping containers. 

Although specific details about the new shipping container development are still unclear, developers have said they hope to include studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom floor plans, with pricing likely to be more affordable than most new construction condos and apartments thanks to the unconventional design. 

It is worth noting, however, that despite Nashville’s very limited inventory of

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Wedgewood-Houston & The NationsIf you’re someone who already lives in Nashville and might just be looking to upgrade your home or perhaps just wants a change of scenery, chances are you’re already somewhat familiar with many of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods and communities. Locations like Germantown, 12 South, and The Gulch have long topped the wish lists of home and condo buyers looking for the perfect new place to call home in Nashville, but what about lesser known neighborhoods that might present some better, more affordable options?

As a city that’s full of great neighborhoods and places to live, there’s more to the Nashville landscape than just a few “hotspots” so-to-speak. And if your someone who might be looking to buy low and one day sell high, here’s a quick

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1st North Townhomes For SaeNow, with the month of June fully in the rear-view mirror, these modern luxury townhouses neatly situated in Nashville’s McFerrin Park are nearly ready for delivery. 

Located at the intersection of Dickerson and Evanston Avenue, 1st North townhouse offer three levels, as mentioned above, as well as polished concrete flooring on the main level, spa-quality bathrooms, ample closet space, and rooftop terraces with sprawling views of downtown Nashville. Inside, potential buyers can also expect plenty of additional luxury finishes and features, and perhaps the best part about 1st North—the competitive pricing of each townhouse residences, which starts below $300,000. 

For a closer look at active townhouses for sale at 1st North, check out any of the

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Nashville Real Estate NewsIt’s official—Nashville and the rest of Middle Tennessee has the nation’s strongest residential market; at least according to researchers at Freddie Mac. 

As we enter the middle of the summer—what’s usually a slow time in real estate—reflecting back on the crazy spring we saw revealed just how robust Nashville real estate has been in recent months. Statistics show the Nashville’s Multi-Indicator Market Index reading was 99.9 in April and 98.3 in March, which equates to a massive 12% jump from those same months in 2015. 

To further demonstrate how red hot the Nashville real estate market has been over the first half of 2016, we only ranked 8th at the end of 2015 using these same metrics, ultimately showing just how quickly the Nashville Metro Area

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Nashville Real Estate NewsWhile the summer season is traditionally a slow time in the world of Nashville real estate, Nashville-area home sales were once again up during the month of June when compared to this time in 2015. 

Albeit a small increase, much of the Middle Tennessee region saw 3,869 total homes sold last month, which is about a 1.7% increase from June of 2015. According to the Nashville Association of Realtors, home sales in April were up nearly 12% while home sales in May nearly 4% compared to 2015, so we are still seeing a bit of a slowdown when looking at figures solely from 2016. 

Unfortunately for home buyers, home prices in the Nashville area are also continuing to rise, with the median price for a single-family home sold in June jumping to $260,148—a

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Nashville Real Estate Market TrendsThe Greater Nashville Association of Realtors has released the latest numbers relating to the Nashville real estate market, which show median home prices in the area are up a whopping 10% from this time last year. At last check, single-family homes are now commanding a median home price of $258,900, which as mentioned is up 10% from May 2015. The spike in prices undoubtedly relates to a tightening inventory, which continues to be less than a three month supply. For reference, a more stabilized market tends to have close to a six month supply.

Nashville certainly isn’t the only market with low inventory, though, as a dwindling housing supply seems to be a national trend that is affecting most major markets. According to reports, inventory levels were down

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Cottage Homes in the Nashville AreaNashville is one of those cities where home buyers can find just about anything they could want when it comes to a new place to live, but among some of the more popular options right now happen to be smaller cottage style homes that seem to be popping up all over the Nashville real estate market.

Outside of older cottages and bungalows, which of course still have plenty of appeal and desirability, even cottage-style new developments are increasing in popularity for a wide variety of reasons, with affordability of course leading the way. First time home buyers specifically wanting a detached residence love what a smaller, cottage-style home brings to the table, both from a lifestyle and budget standpoint. Additionally, anyone looking to downsize might also

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There are tons of unsightly everyday items that we'd all love to neatly hide; but most homes don't have quite enough storage space to make it easy! Unopened mail, cleaning products, shoes, magazines... In smaller spaces and homes in particular, or even studio apartments, all your daily necessities can be an eyesore, just because there's really no good place to store them. So we've come up with a few clever ideas to beautify your living space, and also to hide all those necessary items cleverly from view!

Cleverly Placed Art

Oversized paintings on hinges-- or even well-balanced on nails-- can cover thermostats and circuit breakers, helping your decor seem that much more cohesive. You can also use this trick to cover awkward cable outlets, wall

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The market is so hot lately that it's not usually a chore to sell a Nashville home; especially if it's a short drive to downtown or a condo close to local universities. But no matter what area of town a seller lives in, or how nice the home, many sellers can forget to highlight a few things which buyers love while focusing on renovated kitchens or proximity to schools.

Storage Space

It might seem silly, but mention all your extra storage space if you have it! Especially if it's an otherwise small home or condo. Many of the home buyers in Nashville these days are first time home buyers, heading from apartments to their first real place. And many local Nashville apartments lack a lot of storage space, which can produce a lot of unfortunate clutter.

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